Buyers Reward Program

Hero Moves Buyers' Program

Our rewards program is designed to minimize your total closing costs expense!  Concessions are negotiated with the sellers to help pay down these costs and then lender/Realtor reward funds will go towards helping pay the remainder of these costs!

Real estate agents normally work on commission, not salary. The seller typically pays the commission to both the seller's agent and the buyer's agent — usually around 5-7% of the sales price, to be split between the two agents.

Your reward depends on the home's final price and the commission offered by its seller. In most areas the typical commission averages 3%, but that is by no way a fixed price. A seller may always offer less or more. Be sure to ask so that you will know what your final rewards is.  The rewards amount will be shared between the lender and the agent (total)!

With that in mind the HERO MOVES Program is a flat percentage of gross commission based on your purchase price that changes based on how much work you do and how much work you require your agent to do. 

1-10 properties viewed 25% rewarded back of gross commission

11-20 properties viewed 20% rewarded back of gross commission

The following examples show your potential savings on our program compared to traditional programs:

$350,000 sales price

3% Traditional commission = $10,500

  • 1-10 Properties viewed with affiliate = 25% gross commission = $2625 rewards to you!*

 2.5% Traditional commission = $8,750

  • 1-10 Properties viewed with affiliate = 25% gross commission = $2187 rewards to you!*

Because this is a rewards program & not a rebate program it is a 100% NO COST benefit to our HEROES!

Requirements to participate in HERO MOVES:

 1. The client is a qualified HERO as outlined in "Who are our Heroes" section under The Program
 2. The HERO uses a licensed agent of ALL PATRIOTS REALTY to represent them in the purchase of a home.                   3.  The HERO uses a lender participant in the HERO MOVES program (to maximize closing credits).                                 4
. The HERO successfully closes on the purchase of a residential property 

*If Realtor affiliate shows more than 11 properties the refund will be reduced to 20%

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